Mixin Network Monthly Report — No. 47


2023–01–01 ~ 2023–01–31

Mixin Mainnet

  • The Mainnet has been running for 1435 days, and the topology height is 496,237,427 (+25,102,915).
  • The top 100 assets of the entire network reach a total market value of $1,006,638,979.
  • There are a total of 2,550 (+21) asset types in the entire network.
  • There are 26 full nodes in the network.
AssetsTotal Volume (changes)Number of Monthly Transaction
BTC9,689 (+95)790,001
ETH77,480 (+290)404,690
USDC33,395,129 (+219,477)13,984
MOB40,424,692 (-384,535)539,182
USDT(ERC20)25,876,120 (+1,615,916)2,123,961
pUSD13,010,350 (+289,829)1,114,151
EOS6,934,042 (+74,561)185,213
DOGE64,014,695 (-11,012,153)91,966
UNI1,063,490 (+48,104)14,375
RUM3,847,142 (+2,173)6,243
DOT579,128 (+10,698)100,847

The above data was collected around 20:00(UTC+4) on Feb 2, 2023.

Mixin Dapps

Mixin Messenger

  • Support eip-681 protocol, easy to scan and pay via payment codes from other blockchain products.
  • Support for logging in to the desktop via PIN
  • Supporting Deep Link for accessing specific pages of Mixin Messenger directly from the web
  • Support setting to disable audio message forwarding
  • Android support for Android 13, PIN random keyboard and changing the chatting background.

MixinBot on Telegram

  • Support receiving TON assets.
  • Support for purchasing in fiat money.
  • Support for Russian and Simplified Chinese in settings.
  • Integration with CryptoGash Shopopen in new window and add Buy TON and CKB buttons.
  • Add log feature.
  • Optimized the webpage opening speed.
  • Detail adjustments and bug fixes.


  • Upgrade Pando Leaf security policy.
  • Fix the data display issue of Pando Rings.
  • CoWallet supports transferring to multi-signature addresses.
  • Bazaar added Jingdong E-Card and Japanese National Lottery Loto 7 coupons.


  • Optimized the pending orders page and supported 37 tokens such as BTC, ETH, MOB, etc.
  • New token listing PAXG, LDO, and BIT.


  • Support TON public chain and integrate the Tonkeeper wallet payment.
  • Integration with RedteaGo, Loto7, and One Goo.


  • Jan 03, 2023 The first Chinese artist who won the Japan Art Museum Award published the limited edition of Golden Rabbit NFT in Trident; all works have sold out quickly.
  • Jan 06, 2023 The Telegram wallet Bot MixinBotopen in new window has been recommended among the TON communities as it has supported the TON Networkopen in new window.
  • Jan 13. 2023 Trader Escapist made her frist live video on Mixin.
  • Jan 18, 2023 BigONE Trading Bot (7000104779) goes live on grid trading.
  • Jan 20, 2023 Mixin Safe completed its first BTC transaction. The system covers three key technologies: multiple signatures, MPC multi-party calculation, and transaction timelock. It requires five identities: Kernel, Holder, Signer, Accountant, and Observer to enroll together.

About Mixin Network

Mixin Network is an open-source, lightning-fast, and decentralized Web3 platform to bring speed and scalability to the blockchain. Mixin allows blockchains to gain millions of TPS, sub-second final confirmation, zero transaction fee, enhanced privacy and unlimited extensibility.

Mixin Network is a PoS network with 26 full nodes. As a wallet solution, it is currently supporting 47 public blockchains including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Avalanche, Polkadot, etc. The total assets on the network have been over 1 billion US Dollars. Mixin is also a full-featured financial platform with functions of AMM, aggregating trade, pending orders on Exchange platforms, unbiased stable currency, etc. Mixin Network is dedicated to providing users with a decentralized blockchain infrastructure that always puts security, privacy, and decentralization first.

Highest TVL: USD2.9 billion on November 10, 2021

Highest Daily Transaction Volume: 4.9 million transactions on August 27, 2021

User Base: 1 million

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