Mixin Network now supports the 13rd blockchain Tron, the ticker is TRX, the official website is https://tron.network/.

TRON is a decentralized blockchain platform for supporting smart contracts and high throughput. Tron aims to build a TRON ecosystem that everyone can participate in and benefit from. Some of the features of TRON are:

  • Users are able to reduce costs, enjoy convenience, and build fortunes by using different DApp functions deployed in TRON.
  • Developers have a vast range of rights including deploying DApp in TRON net, expanding business and gaining traction as influencers and thought-leaders.
  • Network witnesses demonstrate support for TRON and its abundant returns. Everyone will devote their energy to the construction of the TRON ecosystem, and will benefit from helping to build TRON regardless of their role as users, developers or TRON network witnesses.
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