Mixin Network now supports the 44th blockchain


Starcoin, the token ticker is STC, the official website is https://starcoin.org/en/.

Starcoin is a proof-of-work blockchain that enables secure smart contracts based on Move to power services in Web 3.0.

Starcoin provides the utmost security from the origin via its enhanced PoW consensus and Secure smart contract, using the language of Move. Through layered and flexible interoperability, we provide the distributed financial networks with digital properties that empower every participant in the co-creation of a Web 3.0 ecosystem.


Starcoin is an efficient, instantly confirmed, scalable application network, with safe native state cross-layer interoperability, infinite scalability blockchain infrastructure.


  • Consensus - Enhanced PoW, most secure & decentralized network
  • Smart Contract - Move, the most secure smart contract
  • End-User Barrier - Wallet and transaction security


  • Lightning-fast finality, near-zero gas fees.
  • Digital Assets as Account resources, easy to manage
  • Reset account key without changing Address, secure and easy to use
  • Accept token feature
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